remember what it was like when we had vacations?

Chicago O'Hare International (ORD)

deYoung museum - 9th floor ~ 144 feet over san fran

The Steinhart Aquarium


drive the american dream ~ $3.45 per gallon super

pacific sunset from just south of big-sur

hearst castle

walking on gold

looking back down big-sur from nepenthe...

golden gate with san-fran in the fog - from fort barry

jungle-gym at lawrence labs in berkley

iris. the family heirloom that keeps on growing...

the door is open to all

lamb, the other, other white-meat


palm-trees from a horse-drawn carrige


julie likes DEN denver international airport

view from said smoking lounge, it only got wierder at night

they also had cool trains

we have no pictures from IAB washington dulles international
it was all ulgy people at 5:30am
you didn't miss anything. trust us

we walked out to a little jet

and headed for home

a great time was had by all, and a more complete slideshow will follow soon
and we wish to thank our gracious hosts. merci

and check out the panorama of walnut-creek i pulled together for the banner. one of our hosts is en-repose at the right-hand edge. click the image to link to the high-res (~380k) jpg. the merged image is 6Mb. if you want it, holla.

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